Aimed to develop the creative potential and learn the basic concepts and the improvement of Creative Problem Solving skills - (CPS) focusing on challenges, goals and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • The International Center for Creativity Studies of the University of Buffalo, USA. Certification.
  • Valid certification in any postgraduate programs that include the seal course Creative Problem Solving.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of the science of creativity and how to develop it.
  • Knowing your own creative preference through the Foursight Test and how it impacts your team and the innovation process.
  • Using a broad set of tools and methods to foster the Creative Problem Solution process (clarify, devise, develop and implement).
  • Leading work teams to solve problems creatively.
  • Creating e a culture of creativity in your work team to encourage innovation.

Content of the Course

Unit 1. Introduction and basic concepts
● Introduction
● Definition of creativity. The model of the 4 P's: Person, Process, Product and Environment (Press)
● Introduction to the process of Creative Problem Solving (SCP)..
● Divergent and Convergent Thinking
● The Foursight Model

Unit 2. Clarification
● Introduction and practice assessment of the step of clarification – CSP Model.

Unit 3. Ideation
● Introduction and techniques to foster the Ideation process.

Unit 4. Development
● Introduction and techniques to support the process of developing ideas.

Unit 5. Implementation
● Introduction and implementation practices of the ideas developed: action plan and prototype development.

Who Can Attend?


This course is open to anyone interested in solving personal or professional challenges through disruptive and innovative solutions.



24 hours


Participants must attend 2 face-to-face sessions in which they will confront organizational challenges for the generation of creative and innovative solutions through applied workshops. Additionally, The Torrance Incubation Model will be used in order to generate expectations, deepen knowledge and finally strengthen a creative ability to adopt and apply knowledge and creative solutions to problems participants may have in their companies.

Lugar y Fecha

Laboratorio de Creatividad
UNAB Creative
Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga Avenida 42 No. 48 – 11 Campus del Jardin. Bucaramanga Colombia



¿Cómo participar?

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César Darío Guerrero Santander

Director General

Juan Pablo Neira

Coordinador de Creatividad

Cristian David Gutíerrez

Asesor externo de Emprendimiento

Francy Andrea Manrique

Coordinadora de Emprendimiento

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