The Creativity Course can teach us how to live fuller lives and transform ourselves into better human beings. Not only that, but when we improve ourselves, we are better equipped to help improve the world around us as well. Instructors tackle what it takes to be successful, to be proud of their creative life and to be happy in it. The participants address professional development and the relationship with themselves toward knowledge. They learn how to face problems in their lives, "design" their lives, how to live life and how to learn from it by applying a methodology called Creative Problem Solution.

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Since the second semester 2017, all programs that make curricular adjustments must include the Creativity Course to their curriculum in the third semester. Currently, some programs have already introduced it, but the missing programs can introduce it as an elective subject through The Department of Socio Humanities Studies.
You can enroll in the courses through the student portal at the following times:

Mondays 2-5 pm
Tuesdays 2-5 pm
Wednesdays 8-11 am
Thursdays 8-11 am

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Creativity allows you to recognize and value the creative potential that exists in each person.
  • Identify and apply techniques and creative tools to develop the creative potential in the personal and professional / organizational field
  • Creativity allow you to apply the steps and skills for the Creative Solution of Problems Method, in the formulation of an action plan for your life project.

Quick Data - Student Participation


Health Sciences Program


Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences Program


Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Program


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Technical and Technological Studies Program